Marketing Mastery Toolbox

Marketing Mastery Toolbox

Learn all of the marketing strategies available to writers today. The Marketing Mastery Toolbox: Book Marketing for Writers online course contains eleven modules of self-paced video content, over 50 handouts and templates, and even an invitation to weekly office hours for personal advice and recommendations.

If you want to dive in fully and learn everything you can about marketing for writers, this is your chance, . 

To create this Marketing Mastery Toolbox class, I’ve partnered with Hanna Kjeldbjerg, a production editor at Beaver’s Pond Press. She puts together marketing plans for writers day in, day out. Together, Hannah and I give you hundreds of actionable, diverse, and thought-provoking strategies, packed into a six-hour self-paced online class.

This toolbox also contains all of the resources you’ll need to prepare for a book launch, reach out to bookstores, libraries, schools, bloggers, and media … as well as access to six hours of group meetings with me and my marketing team.

12 Modules

Types of Marketing, Goals, and How to Evaluate Yourself

A big picture introduction to marketing, the types of marketing and the marketing avenues available to you.

Setting Up!

Before you do marketing activities, you'll want to figure out a few things about yourself and your brand, for example. Don't skip ahead to the activities before you do this work to know yourself.

Your Marketing Plan

A time-based marketing plan that outlines everything you need to be doing—and when—if you have a book launch or other specific marketing event on your calendar. This module is the heart of the course!

Ongoing Marketing

Information you'll want about ongoing marketing strategies, which you can use whether or not you have an upcoming launch.

Marketing to Media Outlets

How to approach and make the most of media opportunities as part of your marketing strategy.

Distribution and Placement

A discussion of book distribution and placement. All the marketing in the world isn't going to do much good if readers can't get your book.


No discussion of marketing is complete without attention paid to one of the world's biggest bookstores. A lot of information for indie authors inside!

Other Marketing Platforms

A rundown of other marketing platforms, tools, and opportunities that may be applicable to you.

Costs and Budgeting

Here, we set expectations about costs and budgeting—important considerations for any marketing plan.

Parting Thoughts

Amazing work! Parting thoughts from us about what you've learned and how it applies to your brighter marketing future.

Marketing Office Hours

In June 2020, we will be starting the office hours program of monthly Zoom group meetings for questions, troubleshooting, and discussion. Each student is entitled to attend six office hours sessions.

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